Full cycle management of concrete supply

Asheno team is the first to accept the challenge, to say a new word in the construction market and has the ambition to change people’s perception and remember the customer with high quality of service. We were the first in the market to introduce a new approach to the management and service of the full cycle of concrete supply – a 4-stage concrete supply control mechanism,

In particular:

  1. SMS reporting in real time
  2. GPS service
  3. Quality management control panel
  4. Sealing mechanism

The mechanisms mentioned by the Ashenos team ensure the creation of comfort, peace of mind and reliability for users. Our service includes – to perform the service with high standards, within the limited time frame, with the latest construction equipment, with qualified and fully equipped drivers, by means of control and reporting of the delivery process to the customer – with access to information about concrete placement and quantity.

A wide selection of concrete Equipment

Asheno offers a wide selection of concrete equipment, so that work of any complexity and type does not create obstacles for our customers, save their time, energy and provide full service.

We present to you the highest quality production equipment of 2020-2022:

  • Truck mixer
  • Trailer pump
  • Line pump
  • Auto pump
  • Placing boom
  • Reinforced concrete pipes.

Individual review of the project

One of Asheno’s priorities is to establish international standards and quality in the Georgian market and to provide appropriate services. We believe that the determinant of success is a trained and qualified team, which will be involved in all stages of product creation.

We strive to implement and offer our customers flexible and customized services. Before starting work on each project, we carry out an individual study of it, which means an in-depth study of the terrain, location, architecture and other characteristics of the area.

This helps us to get the desired result, so that every customer is fully informed about what kind of special equipment needs to be used in order to receive the best conditions and services specifically tailored to them, which will optimize and save both time, labor and financial resources.